Re-opening of St Swithun's Church for Private Individual Prayer

As you will have heard, the Government has announced that some Churches may open for private individual prayer, dependent on circumstances, this week. We recognise that our church is an important sacred space for people for prayer and also for those mourning the loss of a loved ones. We have reflected on how we envisage opening our church, taking into account the precautions that must be put in place to ensure the safety of everyone visiting it. This is our paramount concern as the majority of our congregation is in the more at risk category. This will involve the use of hand sanitisers and limiting the number of people visiting the church and the days on which they may visit. We do hope that everyone understands that your safety is of prime importance so do hope you will all co-operate with the following plan. We shall trial it for a few weeks and review it regularly.

  • From Thursday 18 June, the Church will be open from 10am to 4pm on a Monday and Thursday.
  • Only one person should be in the church at any one time but if people from the same household wish to pray together, that is fine. However, for safety reasons only children of 8 years and over will be allowed to enter.
  • Timed hourly slots can be pre-booked by emailing: or telephoning the Admin office on: 01225 920050. There will be 6 slots each day the church is open.
  • On entering and exiting the church, please use the hand sanitiser that is provided on the welcoming table.
  • We will request that you sit on the numbered chairs at the front of the church. The number(s) will be allocated at the time of booking.
  • Please take your own prayer book or bible to minimise cross contamination.
  • If you are self-isolating, are ill in any way, have or think you may have Covid19, are awaiting test results or are in the Shielding category you must not try and visit the church.
  • If anyone who had visited the church subsequently is diagnosed with Coronavirus, they must let the Admin Office, Sally, Mark or Liz know so an appropriate closure and cleansing process can be undertaken.
  • The lavatory will remain closed so please make yourself comfortable before going to church!

We all look forward to being able to worship together and share fellowship and friendship but only when the time is right. We have so much to give thanks to God for so let us unite in our willingness to help others, help ourselves, stay strong in body, mind and spirit and rejoice in our faith in Jesus Christ.

Our risk assessment is available here

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