SCUBED is our youth group for secondary school children in Year 7 and above.

The Weekend Away

Scubed meets on assorted Saturday and Sunday evenings to enjoy a good laugh, silly games, socials, events and to explore and celebrate what it means to become a Christian and to live out the Christian faith. Upcoming events are below.

This term they will be looking at the youth alpha and asking all sorts of challenging questions! Feel free to come along or contact the office who will put you in touch with one of the leaders.

Saturdays are roughly 7pm to 9pm usually at 15 Barnfield Way, Batheaston BA1 7PW.

Sundays are 5.30pm to 7pm usually at 52 Church Street, Bathford BA1 7RR

Autumn 2018 programme available to download now! Click here to download

Parent consent forms are available to download in Word format here for those that want to type it and pdf in case Word doesn't work for you

The Scubed big band will also be playing 9th Sept, 14th Oct, 11th Nov at the 4.30pm contemporary service.

Rumours that they were asked to play 'Further Away' after last time are simply untrue! (They don't know that song!)(© Michael Craine)


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